My 2 favourite web reading apps bookshelves, (and all the books, DVD’s, magazines…) 2009 seems to be your year of obsolescence! The  iPad has very quickly become my ultimate reading device. With access to content to books, articles, magazines and web sites, it has replaced paper versions of all of them. Apps like Flipboard and Zite are also an excellent way to “consume” articles, tweets, RSS feeds and a variety of posts on specific topics that interest me.

1. Flipboard is a great consumption app for subscribed lists from Google Reader, tweets from individuals or lists or even magazines hosted by Flipboard. It is always my first “port of call” when firing up the iPad daily. Using “starred item” as a feed for your Flipboard and grouping individuals into list in Twitter are helpful ways of maximizing the your space on the two pages of feeds.

2. Zite is also very useful because articles are customized based on your choices and ratings. My topics of choice are similar between the two apps but Zite is good way of insuring that no important articles get missed! Rating each article is very valuable too as Zite then remembers your choices and narrows the articles to suit your preferences.  Add  Instapaper to save anything for later and these three apps have updated my browsing experience to be interesting, productive and more enjoyable than surfing through a browser.


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