Academic Research

Here are my Goals for my academic research and professional development

1. Be an learner first. I believe this helps me remain open to new ideas and remain in a student-centered stance.
2. Collaborate, connect and aid (when appropriate) the amazing students, colleagues and members of my internal and global Personal Learning Network
3. Explore connectivitist theory using blogging and micro-blogging (Twitter) to continually explore and update new and best practices for learning
4. Provide an ongoing an authentic digital blueprint of my development as an educator.

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Links to my Academic Digital Footprint

EDUC 5199G  – Teaching and Learning with Mobile Technologyarticle on Coding and Mobile Device for K-12 Learners
EDUC 5199G –  Critical Makingblog and article on Badging and Making for K-12 Learners
EDUC 5002G _ Research MethodsCurriculum Unit Plan on Developing Computation Thinking and article on Attitudes of Educators to Mobile Learning
EDUC 5205G – Leadership and TechnologyBlog
EDUC 5302G – Curriculum Planning and Implementation – article – Using Digital Portfolios
EDUC 5103G – Online Technology with Education – Using Mobile Device as an Educator, The potential of mobile devices for learning
EDUC 5104G – Learning Tools  – Website – Using tablets to transform a junior school learning environment 
EDUC 5101G – Learning with TechnologyBlog, article on The Promise of Technology to aid Learning
EDUC 5001G – Principles of LearningExcerpts from Blog,  article on Digital Badging to aid Learning and Assessment, article on Updating a Grade 5 Project using new Pedagogies and Theories,
EDUC 5005G – Social and Cultural Considerations in Education – Coming Soon

Key themes of interest are: mobile learning, making and coding, badging and assessment

Here some other professional learning opportunities that I have been involved in.

The Role of Digital Collaborative tools  Action Research from (CIS/OISE) from May 2012
ICT and Primary in Education  – MOOC (Coursera)  from June 2014


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