My 2 favourite web reading apps bookshelves, (and all the books, DVD’s, magazines…) 2009 seems to be your year of obsolescence! TheĀ  iPad has very quickly become my ultimate reading device. With access to content to books, articles, magazines and web sites, it has replaced paper versions of all of them. Apps like Flipboard and Zite are also an excellent way to “consume” articles, tweets, RSS feeds and a variety of posts on specific topics that interest me.
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In this professional blog, my goals are to:

  • highlight and review technology that is fun and teaches children to be positive, intelligent and conscientious global citizens.
  • share my experience and perspective as a technology teacher for primary students for over 10 years and self-professed geek Dad of a pre-schooler and a kindergartener, to find teaching practices, lessons, and devices that positively influence their life and learning
  • collaborate and learn with colleagues wishing to integrate technology into their curriculum and extend my PLN globally

I look forward to your comments, discussions and collaborations!

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