My top 3 designing & coding moments from this term to honour Computer Science Week 2015

A very busy term (It seems like I am saying that a lot these days!) with a quite few coding and computer science opportunities. Here are my top three moments from the term.

  1. This message from my son yesterday in his #HourofCode. (His pride was enough to bring a tear to this #GeekDad’s eye.)

2. Teaching students to hack their assignments by integrating programming languages in our Design Club with some amazing colleagues.

3. Presenting at #bit15 conference in November. Such a great way to connect and share with colleagues. (Got a great idea for Makey Makey sword project to add some extra live action fun to his Minecrafting!)

Here is my slide deck.

For more information about coding, design and Computer Science for kids, please visit my page at 

Next term, two worlds in my life work and school collide even directly (actually…that was my goal for going back for graduate work 🙂 as I take a course for my Masters call “Digital Making” which seems quite appropriate…


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