Dec. 9th-13th Computer Science Week – Resources for The Hour of Code and beyond

Each day this week, we have been coding with our Junior and Senior students to celebrate Computer Science week and the Hour of Code. Each day I have been tweeting some thoughts, ideas and resources on this topic. —- >

Here are some resources I have found useful to explore and share programming and coding with students.

Why learn Computer Science?

 Kodable’s 5 reasons to teach kids to code  
5 reasons to code
Here is a very cool resume programmed in the style in Super Mario World by Robbie Leonardi
cool programming resume
Google celebrates Comp. Sci. week with a Google Doodle on Grace Hopper
unnamgrace hopper

The ScratchEd has produced an activity to celebrate this week. Who wants to send a Holiday card this season when you can send a holiday code instead?!

HOC studios
Here is the link.

Finally, here is a link to my programming page with ideas for using Scratch in the classroom,  some articles and resources for coding on tablets and/or computers. I also outline 4 key concepts for introducing programming through tools like Scratch. Having a great Comp. Sci. week so far. My highlight this week was on Monday when a very quiet and very new Grade 5 student who burst into my class during his playground keen to show his progress in Scratch despite ONLY a 10 minute introduction the prior morning before he had to leave for his basketball game. It was a teaching moment I won’t forget!

Happy Coding!