Blog: Principles of Learning #EDUC5001g

Week # 4 – Humanism



Week#1 – Defining Learning

We were asked to collect quotes on learning as part of our homework to prepare for week 2.

“We humans are hardwired to enjoy knowledge, in particular knowledge that comes through the senses. And we are hardwired to impose structure on this sensory knowledge, to turn it this way and that, to view it from different angles, and try to fit it into multiple neural frameworks. This is the essence of human learning.”

“Our hunger for knowledge can be at the roots of our failings or our successes. It can distract us or it can keep us engaged in a lifelong quest for deep learning and understanding. Some learning enhances our lives, some is irrelevant and simply distracts us—tabloid stories probably fall into this latter category (unless your profession is as a tabloid writer). Successful people are expert at categorizing useful versus distracting knowledge.”

from The Organized Mind by: Daniel J. Levitin

Also here is a link to a site with a number of Learning Theories that touched on in prior course but would excellent to explore, discuss and debate in more detail. 



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