Programming & Scratch

What is Scratch?
Scratch ( is a fun, visual programming language where students snap blocks together like “digital LEGO” blocks. Scratchers can create game,s simulations, stories or any kind of project using the blocks in a variety of innovative ways. A simple project can be created in minutes and yet the software allows users to create very sophisticated projects to post to their online profile and/or share, discuss and collaborate in the moderated and safe online discussions and forums. This tool is an excellent resource for learning programming concepts and development computational thinking and 21st fluencies

Introducing Scratch 2.0

Getting Started with Scratch from Lifelong Kindergarten on Vimeo.

More than an Hour of Code – My Slidedeck from #bit15 on November 6th 2015

Developing Computational Thinking – My Slidedeck from #bit14 on November 6th 2014

Adventures with Scratch – My Slidedeck from ECCO13 on Friday October 25th 2013

Scratch resources for educators

1. The Creative Computing Curriculum Guide to using Scratch (2014) – by Scratch Ed. research team
and accompanying learner workbook in PDF format
creative computing title
2. Scratch Posters – posters I designed on the different kinds of blocks

3. Scratch Reference Cards – quick and simple cards to create in minutes!
scratch cards
4. Access a webmix favourite video tutorials – A mix of beginner, immediate and advanced Scratch guides.

programming symbaloo
Scratch resources to connect and share

1. ScratchEd – connect with the Scratch Ed for more resources
2. Scratch Programming for Beginners – Google+ Community
3. Creative Computing Online Workshop – Google+ Community
4. On Twitter at hashtags: #CCOW #ScratchEd  #KidsCanCode #Scratch #programming
Some Scratchers to follow: @medialab @ScratchEdTeam @karen_brennan @mres @scratchteam @CyberParra 

My webmix on Scratch and other  programming tools for K- 8 learners

Programming symbaloo 1

Further thinking on Scratch

Why “Flipteaching” complements Scratch programming
Another one on “Programming to Think in the Internet of Things”
Developing Computational Thinking

Why Code?

Kodable Infographic

US perspective – This website outlines the benefits of coding as a fundamental aspect of 21st century learning. The site also provides coding and programming resources and links for educators, parents and students. Their collection of quotations is particularly noteworthy as professionals, spokespeople, athletes and celebrities from a wide range of backgrounds all recommend coding as a worthy skill for the future.
UK perspectiveUK to Teach Programming to All,  21st Century Fluency project, 2014 Update to ICT curriculum,Computing in the National curriculum
Canadian perspective “Tech expects lobby for more computing classes to boost economy” (2013), Google announces project to get Canadian kids coding (2014)
Australia – Craig Kemp’s post on Coding in the Curriculum  – Australian curriculum is integrating coding into its 2015 curriculum update

Wired Magazine (October 2013) – “Let’s Teach our Kids to Code”
Wired Magazine (June 2013) –  
“Welcome to the Programmable World
Scratch Programming for All (November 2009)-  Mitch Resnick and MIT team
Growing Coders at Coder Dojo (October 2013)
Programmer’s Guide to Scratch from Mike James and his team of programmers and writers.
Danny Bradbury’s Article from The Financial Post – “Tech experts lobby for more computing classes to boost future economy”
Wesley Fryer’s Article on Introducing Scratch to Four or Fifth Graders
Michael Badger’s Scratch Beginner Guide book – Scratch 2.0 book forthcoming
8 Reasons Kids should Learn to Code by: Jack Lawicki
7 Steps to starting a Coding Code by: Jack Lawicki
Caroline Combemale: An Engaged Teen Teaching Others (Scratch)
Action Research on Creating A Game – A Positive Impact On Learning? by: David Luke, hosted on Terry Freedman site
Reading, Writing, Coding, and “Absolutes” in Our Education System – (2014) Excellent article by Matthew Oldridge debating the “coder movement”
Coding in the Service of Learning
 (2014)- Jim Cash’s excellent in response the above article
On the Cognitive Effects of Learning Computer Programming – abstract from 1984(?!) Jim’s original source
Why kids love Scratch: It lets them fail in a way their parents don’t – (May 2014) Parent’s perspective by Jenn Choi
Start Coding from Scratch (September 2013) buy: Nicole Krueger from ISTE

I will continue to add to this page for myself and others too. I hope you find it useful.
In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Scratch, my username is mrcbvg

mrc bvg screenshot


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