My top five #edtech tools

With so many educational technology apps released everyday(!) it is definitely a challenge to keep up as a busy educator! However, the Graphite site provide a excellent resource for time-strapped (ahem that would be all) educators interested in hearing from other educators. In this site, you might hear tips about that “cool” app you heard about today from another professor who used it in yesterday’s or today’s class!
Below you will find a small sampling of educational technologies that I am using with students in my role as an Information Technology Specialist in this blog. Please join me on Graphite in my role as a Graphite Certified Educator where I write reviews on educational technology, discuss and blog new approaches to learning like digital badges and most importantly connect and collaborate with educators interested in exploring and critically analyzing ways to integrate technology safely and effectively with students. (Although we use a Google+ community for that!)

Please visit Graphite for reviews from educators around the world using educational technology in the classroom and anywhere! (An increasing possibility in these mobile friendly times! #mlearning)

Voice Thread – Slideshow creator tool that is interactive, versatile for all subjects and ages, incorporated all media and documents and useful on all devices.

vt logo

Sample – Grade Three Titanic inquiry slideshow – Their questions drove the research!

Bitstrips for Schools – An intuitive web-based comic creation tool was excellent options to aid workflow between teachers and students. Only drawback is it is a only available on computer.


Sample – A Grade Five comic on cyber safety

Popplet – My favourite online graphic organizer to create mind maps 

Sample – A Popplet I created from student responses on why use a tablet (Microsoft Surface) help Grade Four and Five students learn.
How the Surface can help us Learn

Symbaloo – Online curation tool where a user creates a page of links as clickable squares
(i.e. docs, images, videos, sites, anything etc.)

Sample – A collection of computational thinking tools for educators. Click to view (Sry. WP does allow embedding this tool!)

BrainPop and BrainPop Junior – My favourite sites for learning videos for the K-12 environment, also great for Game Up, lessons, resources and quizzes. A favourite tool at our school!


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