History and Technology

What is it: In my History classes , I used an edtech tool (Google Tour Builder) to tell and share a story from historical event (D-Day) related to my family. My aunt found the D-Day papers from my Grandfather who served in the Royal Engineers and submitted them to the Imperial War Museum in London, England who gleefully accepted. This year I transformed them into an interactive map using the Google Tour Builder tool. In a personal note, I connected with family members over this topic while encouraging students to do similar.
LINK to my Grandfather’s Tour of Duty Explain WHY it worked: I was able to model making a personal connection to a historical event. This modelling has resulted in some excellent sharing through the course from students especially in personal topics like immigration and other family experiences from students.Why you want to share it: Google Tour Builder is an excellent tool for creating interactive and digital map and transforming them into a story or narrative suitable for any subject.

How it connects with one of your goals that you set out at the beginning of the year:
I wanted to explore different strategies other than lecture for History that encourage authentic student voices with our curriculum. My modelling led to a dramatic increase in students sharing their voices in the class.